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Thank you for visiting our Virtual Insurance Office! We appreciate your business, and we look forward to working with you!

LSF Financial Services Insurance Agency has been in the Pennsylvania insurance industry for well over 13 years, and we have the experience to get you the policies you want at the rates you deserve. We serve clients all over Pennsylvania, and we have four local offices based in Philadelphia. We want to be your go-to agent for every one of your Mass insurance needs.

Pennsylvania Personal Insurance

At LSF Financial Services Insurance Agency, we offer a diverse line of personal insurance coverage. Whether you need life insurance in the tri state, homeowners insurance in Pennsylvania, auto insurance in Philadelphia, or even if you want extra protection with Pennsylvania, we’re here to help! As a local Pennsylvania insurance agency, we understand the types of personal insurance policies you need, and we can provide an individual experience for all Pennsylvania residents.                                               Affordable Life Insurance for Family and Individual

Low Cost Auto Insurance

 Home and Renter Insurance

Pennsylvania Business Insurance

At LSF Financial Services Insurance Agency, we offer a wide variety of business insurance in PA that can be customized to suit your specific industry. Whether you have a multi-million dollar company or a smaller business, we have insurance products to protect you. We offer basic policies such as general liability in Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania workers compensation, and we also offer industry-specific products like restaurant, church, daycare, homecare coverage and contractors policies. At LSF Financial Services Insurance Agency, our agents have the experience to get you the right coverage for your Pennsylvania business, at the right price!

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